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Network meeting in Potsdam

The V.A.Cure network had three days of meetings and training in Potsdam from 12 to 14 October. All 14 ESRs presented the progress of their multidisciplinary research on vascular anomalies. Training comprised a course on animal models with state-of-the-art techniques and practical tips. Workshops were given by partner organisations Sysmex Inostics and LLS Rowiak on Read More

Participation in Uppsala’s science festival – SciFest

SciFest is a science festival in Sweden, arranged by Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). It offers a variety of scientific workshops, shows, competitions, research meetings, and lectures mainly dedicated to young people in schools and the public. This year, SciFest was held from the 4th until the 10th of March and provided numerous Read More

Astrazeneca’s collaboration with Cline Scientific

Cline Scientific has entered into a collaboration with AstraZeneca to utilise Cline’s gradient technology as part of the multi-country European MSCA-ITN network, V.A Cure. V.A Cure is a Horizon 2020 funded project which aims to uncover core mechanisms of vascular anomalies and to leverage this information for establishing new therapeutics for vascular disease. The project Read More

European Research Night 2020

Due to Covid-19, European Research Night was organized as a series of virtual events all across Europe. Scientists prepared presentations with interaction with the audience, descriptive videos and live experiments. Five students from our network participated in these events. Martina De Bortoli and Murat Alpaslan from De Duve Institute prepared a video describing their research Read More

Discovery of a novel gene involved in primary lymphedema

The Human Molecular Genetics laboratory of the de Duve Institute (UCLouvain), headed by Professor Miikka Vikkula, has identified a novel gene responsible for a lymphatic disease called primary lymphedema. Together with the group of Professor Kari Alitalo in Finland, they identified mutations that alter the function of a protein that is known to play a Read More

New effective way to inhibit lymphatic malformations

Lymphatic malformation is a debilitating and often incurable disease. Taija Mäkinen’s research group has in an international collaboration studied cellular mechanisms leading to abnormal vessel growth and identified a combination therapy that may allow effective treatment of these malformations. Lymphatic malformations are often congenital vascular anomalies that are characterised by abnormal vessel growth. These malformations Read More

Theranostic Advances in Vascular Malformations

V Dekeuleneer, E Seront, A Van Damme, LM Boon, M Vikkula Until a few years ago, treatment options of vascular malformations were limited to sclerotherapy and/or surgery. Since, it has been demonstrated that the majority of vascular malformations are caused by inherited or somatic mutations in various genes. These discoveries paved the way for the Read More

Finnadvance is funded for further research

Finnadvance’s got funded for blood vessel-on-a-chip which could be used to treat rare vascular diseases! Organ- or body-on-chips both speed up the process and improve the safety and patient outcomes. Futuristic, but this can be a reality in 3-5 years! Official press release Finnadvance completes 550k€ seed round led by Voima Ventures and Finnish biotech Read More

Rare Disease Day

Project made origami’s for origami carpet and will attend Edelweiss awards in Brussels! Origami carpet can be seen at the gallery Saint Hubert on Rare Disease Day! 29th of February is approaching! Read More

Fist Network meeting

14 students, 10 supervisors and 4 partner organisations participated on the 3 day extensive networking, training and workshops of the V.A.Cure project held from 13-15th of November in de Duve Institute in Brussels. Read More

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