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New effective way to inhibit lymphatic malformations

Lymphatic malformation is a debilitating and often incurable disease. Taija Mäkinen’s research group has in an international collaboration studied cellular mechanisms leading to abnormal vessel growth and identified a combination therapy that may allow effective treatment of these malformations. Lymphatic malformations are often congenital vascular anomalies that are characterised by abnormal vessel growth. These malformations Read More

Theranostic Advances in Vascular Malformations

V Dekeuleneer, E Seront, A Van Damme, LM Boon, M Vikkula Until a few years ago, treatment options of vascular malformations were limited to sclerotherapy and/or surgery. Since, it has been demonstrated that the majority of vascular malformations are caused by inherited or somatic mutations in various genes. These discoveries paved the way for the Read More

Finnadvance is funded for further research

Finnadvance’s got funded for blood vessel-on-a-chip which could be used to treat rare vascular diseases! Organ- or body-on-chips both speed up the process and improve the safety and patient outcomes. Futuristic, but this can be a reality in 3-5 years! Official press release Finnadvance completes 550k€ seed round led by Voima Ventures and Finnish biotech Read More

Rare Disease Day

Project made origami’s for origami carpet and will attend Edelweiss awards in Brussels! Origami carpet can be seen at the gallery Saint Hubert on Rare Disease Day! 29th of February is approaching! Read More

Fist Network meeting

14 students, 10 supervisors and 4 partner organisations participated on the 3 day extensive networking, training and workshops of the V.A.Cure project held from 13-15th of November in de Duve Institute in Brussels. Read More

Embracing diversity

Diversity and environment that fosters equal opportunities in research are very important aspects of our project. Through inclusion of diversity, we grow professionally and personally.Early stage researchers of V.A.Cure project are coming from all over the world: Singapore, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Lebanon, Austria, Spain and USA. Read More

Gender balance in our research

Equal participation of men and women in science is a topic of a high global importance. Thus, equal opportunities during selection process were important aspect of our project. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we have obtained gender equality in our team of 14 Early Stage Researchers. Read More

Selected candidates

We are very proud to announce the chosen candidates per each ESR position. ESR1-Martina de Bortoli, ESR 2- Murat Alpaslan, ESR3-Franziska Kohl, ESR4-Hans Schoofs, ESR5-Bojana Lazovic, ESR6-Antonio Queiro Palou, ESR7-Marle Kraft, ESR8-Mohammad Hassan Ansarizadeh, ESR9-Nastasja Grdseloff, ESR10- Cường Phạm Văn, ESR11- Joseph Lim Jing Heng, ESR12-Martina Rossi, ESR13-Tala Al Tabosh, ESR14- Hoang-Tuan Nguyen. Read More

Selection process is finalized

V.A.Cure project is happy to announce that selection process for 14 Early Stage Researchers is officially closed. Chosen candidates will start with their individual research in September and October 2019.More information on each research can be found on our research page. Read More

Deadline extended for the position ESR11

Application process for the PhD position ESR 11: Dissecting the role of FOXO transcription factors in venous and lymphatic malformations  at Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research is still open. The new deadline for the application is 30th of June 2019 Read More

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