Month: June 2020

New effective way to inhibit lymphatic malformations

Lymphatic malformation is a debilitating and often incurable disease. Taija Mäkinen’s research group has in an international collaboration studied cellular mechanisms leading to abnormal vessel growth and identified a combination therapy that may allow effective treatment of these malformations. Lymphatic malformations are often congenital vascular anomalies that are characterised by abnormal vessel growth. These malformations Read More

Theranostic Advances in Vascular Malformations

V Dekeuleneer, E Seront, A Van Damme, LM Boon, M Vikkula Until a few years ago, treatment options of vascular malformations were limited to sclerotherapy and/or surgery. Since, it has been demonstrated that the majority of vascular malformations are caused by inherited or somatic mutations in various genes. These discoveries paved the way for the Read More