V.A. Cure Training Programme

The V.A. Cure project will organize 4 network-wide training sessions in 4 different countries. These sessions comprise of progress evaluation of each individual research, workshops on  research skills and transferable skills and inter-sectoral visits. Lectures will be given by internationally recognized experts in the field.

V.A. Cure Network wide training session I

First V.A. Cure training program was held in Brussels in de Duve Institute from 13th to 15th of November 2019. Partner organizations, Supervisors of the Early stage Researchers and 14 PhD students joined together for the meeting and greeting of the recruitment of PhD candidates and further discussions on the research progress and project activities. During the three-day program, participants took part in the series of intensive training, workshops and Network meetings.

First day of the program was devoted to meetings, presentation of  beneficiaries research institutions, laboratories, and areas of expertise.Second day of the program included scientific courses in the field of vascular anomalies that were lectured by top experts in the field.On the third day, students had a workshop in ethics and transferable skills.