Recruitment process and selection criteria

Recruitment process

The network consortium will preselect candidates for each position, based on the selection criteria mentioned below. Preselected candidates will be interviewed (face-to-face or via teleconferencing) by three members of the Selection committee.

Final selection may involve an additional face-to-face interview. All interviews will be held in English. Before final selection you will be asked to send documents proving your eligibility.

Recruitment deadlines:

Application deadline: 22 May 2019*
Interviews: April – August 2019
Aimed start date: June – October 2019

* This deadline might be extended for positions for which not enough suitable candidates are found to allow a good selection process. This does not mean that candidates who have applied before the deadline will be rejected.

All rejected candidates will receive a letter with a motivation of the rejection.

Selection criteria

  • Academic results (grades, publications, other achievements)
  • Proficiency in English
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Lab experience
  • The impact of the proposed training on the researcher’s career
  • Gender balance of the team