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This was a great add on to our understanding on appearance of #vascular anomalies in some individuals and surely to be taken into account in genetic counselling as you pointed out. Great to work with you and your team. #vacure #vascern #deduveinstitute

Must read editorial by Taija Makinen in Nature about the landmark meningeal lymphatic vessel clearing cerebrospinal fluid paper from Gou Young Koh's laboratory (delivers the punchline if you don't have the time to read the orginal paper - which you should take). VACure1 photo


V.A. Cure
V.A. Cure updated their cover photo.
V.A. Cure
V.A. Cure
The Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics, headed by Prof. Miikka Vikkula, focuses on vascular anomalies, lymphedema, cleft lip and palate, hypermobility, and selected cancers. They identify DNA mutations that predispose to or cause these diseases, in order to understand their molecular mechanisms and to identify targets for development of new therapies.

The de Duve Institute is coordinator of the V.A. Cure network