De Duve Institute

Brussels, Belgium

The de Duve Institute is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute hosting several laboratories of the faculty of medicine of the Université catholique de Louvain, the largest French-speaking University of Belgium as well as the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute.


Prof. Miikka Vikkula:

The Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics, headed by Prof. Miikka Vikkula, focuses on vascular anomalies, lymphedema, cleft lip and palate, hypermobility, and selected cancers. They identify DNA mutations that predispose to or cause these diseases, in order to understand their molecular mechanisms and to identify targets for development of new therapies.

The de Duve Institute is coordinator of the V.A. Cure network


Press releases:

Discovery of a novel gene involved in primary lymphedema

The Human Molecular Genetics laboratory of the de Duve Institute (UCLouvain), headed by Professor Miikka Vikkula, has identified a novel gene responsible for a lymphatic disease called primary lymphedema. Together with the group of Professor Kari Alitalo in Finland, they identified mutations that alter the function of a protein that is known to play a … Continue reading

VASCA  Magazine – Living with Vascular Anomalies

The VASCA Magazine aims to inform patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals about the current developments in the diagnosis, treatment and research of vascular anomalies. In the research rubric of this first edition, you can read an interview of professor Miikka Vikkula, clinical expert Laurence Boon and more detailed information on V.A.Cure project.