Individual research ESR 3

Peptides for specific targeting of vascular lesions in VM, LM and AVM


  • Identify novel peptides for specific targeting of lesions in mouse models of VM, LM and AVM using in vivo phage display
  • Characterise the binding properties of the identified peptides in mice during normal development and formation of vascular malformations and in tissue sections of human VM/LM/AVM
  • Identify and functionally characterise the target proteins
  • Utilise the identified peptides as lesion-specific probes for detection and delivery of (cytotoxic) agents

Expected Results:

  • Novel peptides for specific targeting of VM, LM and AVM lesions;
  • New molecular targets in VM, LM, AVM;
  • Proof of concept of lesion-specific targeting in VM, LM, AVM.