Individual research ESR 14

Vascular anomaly-On-A-Chip


  • Design and fabrication of tailormade chips for VA research using a deformable biocompatible polymer to mimic in vivo conditions (vessel architecture, flow, physical modulation) and allowing biomaterial coatings
  • To setup a complete environmentally control system for high resolution microscopic imaging consisting of microfluidic perfusion control unit, VA mimicking designed chips, microscope stage incubator
  • Use modern microfluidic technologies in VA research to unravel pathological mechanism and responses for therapies

Expected Results:

  • Tailor made chip designs to mimic normal and VA structures based on the needs of the consortium with precisely designed lumen volumes, bifurcations, and allowing high resolution time-lapse imaging, non-laminar stress, single cell isolation, cell stretching and perivascular remodelling on-chip.