• Impact on ESRs

Multidisciplinary, intersectoral and international collaboration is important in many of today’s research areas, yet researchers on rare diseases have to go a step further. Sharing patient samples, results, infrastructures and efforts is a first prerequisite for success. V.A. Cure will train young researchers in these capacities, to which the features of the MSCA-ETN program fit perfectly. Our trainees will obtain competitive advantage in employee recruitment for pharmaceutical industry and academic research

  • Impact on VA research

Despite improved progress in the last decade, the care for several hundreds of thousands of VA patients lags behind the care for more common disease patients. V.A. Cure will put research in a higher gear, providing realistic hope for patients while giving Europe a leading position in research on these diseases.

  • Impact on the groups

Highly complementary expertise in our multidisciplinary consortium will significantly increase scientific impact of all groups and enables academic participants to stay at the forefront of vascular research with high clinical importance. The benefits for the private sector will be getting the expert help from academics to resolve current obstacles in product development and to strengthen their R&D capacity, new opportunities for globalization and networking, to gain insight into the markets and their specific needs and requirements, get the data for testing and demonstrations of new products, and to identify new customers that would be interested in products.

  • Impact on society

New genetic diagnostic tools will directly help society to achieve the goal of personalized medicine and precision therapy for rare diseases. Therapies we develop will bring relief to chronic and debilitating diseases to improve quality of life of patients. In addition to the scientific, human, and societal advances, there are economic incentives for health care system as the life-long clinical management of chronic disease can represents a significant economic burden.