Oulu, Finland

Microfluidics, microtechnology and image analysis solutions provider FinnAdvance (FA) is a startup from Finland (founded in March 2017) which specializes in tailored biomaterials for cell culture and microfluidic design and fabrication. Along with hardware development, FinnAdvance is also dedicated to provide services in complex image and big data analysis from micro- to macroscopic scales, that is a key element in imaging-based studies. FA has successfully executed projects for NASA and Osuuspankki (Finnish bank) with image analyses of datasets larger than 50 gigabytes. FA’s microfluidic approach enables replicating biomechanical stimuli in vitro, with precise control of flow velocities and 3D ECM stiffness.


Prateek Singh:;

Key advantage of FinnAdvance’s design is that it is suitable for high resolution cell imaging. FinnAdvance has demonstrated single cell resolution imaging with ultrathin glass and PDMS covers, in collaboration with the University of Oulu. The V.A. Cure project follows up on this and will apply the proved principle to develop an in-vitro model for vascular anomaly studies. A custom microfluidic device will be fabricated with biophysical parameters set to mimic the in-vivo conditions. FA’s current business strategy relies on delivering high risk – high reward projects to academic and non-academic entities, to establish a portfolio upon which a Nordic hub on microfluidic services can be set up.


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