Individual research ESR 5

iPS cells for vascular anomaly research


  • Generation of targeted VA causing mutations in the Cellartis® Human iPS Cell Line 22 (ChiPSC22) and optimization of protocols for differentiation of targeted cells to iPS-ECs or iPS-LECs
  • Generation of protocols for inducible and vascular tissue/cell type specific editing
  • Generation of protocols for differentiated vascular cells (NHEJ and Base Excision Repair)
  • Establish homogenous cell lines from VAs where primary cell culturing have not been successful for expansion and differentiation back to vascular cells for mechanistic studies

Expected Results:

  • Optimized protocols for generation iPS-ECs, iPS-LECs, iPS-SMCs cells
  • Introduction of versatile, modern genome editing tools for EC and VA biology to be used in mechanistic studies and for generation of novel treatment strategies